Elizabeth Bruenig is a liberal New York Times opinion columnist. That’s not all that remarkable, really.

No, what makes Bruenig so remarkable is her ability to piss off other liberals, by doing things like … celebrating motherhood.

Bruenig recently wrote a piece for the Times about her and her husband becoming parents at 25, how, despite the challenges they faced, they don’t regret it for even a second.

A lovely piece just in time for Mother’s Day.

Clearly it must be trashed.

To be fair, Jude Ellison S. Doyle recently defended Cori Bush’s invocation of “birthing people,” so we’d expect him/they to crap all over motherhood.

Same goes for Amanda Marcotte:


Bruenig’s piece respects women a hell of a lot more than Jill Filipovic, or Amanda Marcotte, for that matter.

Based on some of the responses to Bruenig’s piece, you’d think Bruenig was shaming women who don’t have kids by 25. You’ll no doubt be shocked to find that the people making such claims didn’t bother to read what she wrote before going off.

Because people can be truly awful.

Not necessarily, no. But you’re not supposed to get angry at her for being glad she had kids when she did.

And Bruenig enjoys being a mother. So let her enjoy it while you do you. It’s not difficult.

Kathryn thinks that Bruenig is “dogwhistling” to white supremacists by promoting replacement theory.

Kathryn should have a whole different discussion with a therapist.

Kathryn’s making a pretty bold assumption that she’d be some kind of catch.

The irony of people like that dumping on Bruenig for being insufficiently pro-women is not lost on us.

“No judgment” from A.J. Except for the, you know, judgment that A.J. is doing.

If it annoys you that Elizabeth Bruenig is glad motherhood worked out for her the way that it worked out for her, then maybe you’re the annoying one.

For what it’s worth, as Bruenig herself will tell you, not everyone is completely awful and insane:

Don’t be a terrible person. It’s easy if you try.



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