Yesterday, progressive Democratic Rep. Cori Bush gave an impassioned testimony about the medical establishment systematically denying the basic humanity of “Black birthing people.”

Here it is again:

The term “birthing people” prompted plenty of eye rolls and criticism, as well as outright frustration and anger. After all, referring to women as “birthing people” effectively erases their identity as women and reduces them to walking, talking wombs.

And feminist author Jude Doyle (he/they, for those asking) thinks there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that:

The patriarchy calls women “monsters”? That’s news to us.

Woke leftist feminists can’t call women “women.” Woke leftist feminists can’t acknowledge that women are uniquely equipped to give birth and that motherhood exists because of women’s ability to give birth.

But it’s the patriarchy’s fault that people are upset at Cori Bush’s remarks?

Please. “The patriarchy” is the feminist Left’s favorite scapegoat for societal ills, but it never seems to occur to the feminist Left that they’re the ones making civil discourse toxic.

Woke feminism is bad for all women. It’s bad for everyone.