John Kerry has good reason to fear climate change, considering the amount of hot water he’s already in. He really can’t afford for it to get any hotter.

Kerry, of course, denies that he ever discussed covert Israeli operations that were totally public information, you guys:

John Kerry has given us plenty of reasons to be skeptical of his veracity, but in this case, maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, he probably doesn’t even have time to tell Iran what Israel is up to. Not when there’s climate change to keep him busy, too busy to care about stuff like China’s egregious human rights violations, even:

It’s time to put our differences aside. We can’t let trivial things like economic warfare and cyber warfare and geopolitical warfare and concentration camps and systematic genocide get in the way of tackling something as problematic and dangerous as climate change.

John Kerry could’ve been president. He actually was a U.S. Senator and a U.S. Secretary of State. He’s currently Joe Biden’s climate envoy.

He’s been a part of the U.S. government for decades and he’s straight-up downplaying all the horrible things the Chinese government has done to its country and the world in the name of … saving the world.

Great question.

At least he’s useful to someone.