On April 21, police bodycam footage from the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting suggested that Columbus Police Officer Nicholas Reardon opened fire on Bryant after Bryant attempted to stab two people with a knife. On April 22, footage from a neighbor’s security camera confirmed that Bryant lunged at her intended victim with the knife after Reardon tried to break up the fight.

The national Black Lives Matter organization has been paying tribute to Bryant by posting Bryant’s TikTok videos:

Guess when Ma’Khia Bryant’s final moments were trying to murder someone, it’s better to remember her this way:

Anyway, on April 23, after the bodycam and security camera footage had been made available to the public and circulating around social media and beyond, Black Lives Matter released this statement on Bryant’s death:

So, evidently facts and truth matter to Black Lives Matter about as much as the life of the black girl Ma’Khia Bryant nearly stabbed to death.

Parting evergreen tweet: