Tucker Carlson’s made no secret of his disdain for the media at large. And CNN’s Brian Stelter has made no secret of just how much that gets under his skin.

In a recent interview with OutKick’s Bobby Burack, Carlson sounded off on multiple topics, among them gross media malpractice. Carlson went so far as to say of journalists who knowingly push false narratives while protecting powerful figures who have the right politics, “I really hate them for it, I’ll be honest.”

Brian Stelter has no choice but to defensively clutch his pearls:

Which journalists are doing that, Brian? The ones who report on Joe Biden’s dogs? Kamala Harris’ impeccable taste in shoes?

Is CNN part of the documentary renaissance, Brian?

Carlson’s not talking about his colleagues; he’s talking about Brian Stelter’s colleagues, and about Stelter himself. What are Stelter and Co. if not cowards?

Anyway, the idea that Tucker Carlson is besmirching the good name of journalists like Brian Stelter, journalists who supposedly devote their hearts and souls to confronting the people with the most power, is laughable. And we could honestly spend weeks just posting examples that thoroughly disprove Stelter’s self-aggrandizing BS.

Or, we could just let Glenn Greenwald do it with a single tweet:

Annnnd checkmate.

CNN has developed quite the reputation for going after the decidedly less powerful, just for kicks. Maybe if Brian Stelter watched less Fox News and more CNN, he’d know that.

It never does.