In case you missed it, bodycam footage released by the Columbus PD appears to show Ma’Khia Bryant trying to stab another girl before being shot by police.

Apparently HuffPost missed it:

The text in the tweet isn’t all that remarkable, as the media and Left have been pushing the same basic take since the shooting yesterday, even despite the footage. No, what makes HuffPost’s take noteworthy is the accompanying video, which conveniently omits any footage or mention of Bryant wielding a knife with the apparent intent to use it on another person.

And how’d that knife get there, anyway?

Get your Top. Men. on this one, HuffPost.

They’re not helping. And they’re not trying to help. They’re trying to make everything worse as if their lives depend on it, because in a way, their livelihoods depend on it.

Did they?



Looks like the New York Times left some stuff out of their video as well:

How about a follow-up tweet, New York Times? You know, to give your readers the rest of the story?

Editor’s note: We’ve changed the spelling of Ma’Khia Bryant’s first name from “Makiyah” in our headline and post to align with the correct spelling as reported by the media at large.



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