Yesterday, Derek Chauvin defense attorney Eric Nelson cited Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters’ inflammatory remarks regarding the trial. Fortunately for the public, PBS NewsHour journalist Yamiche Alcindor was there to help preserve the preferred media and Democratic narrative:

Wouldn’t you agree, Jen Psaki?

Always helpful when the White House and journalists can sync up their stories.

Anyway, to those of us who don’t get paid to excuse Democrats like Maxine Waters, Democrats with an extensive, well documented history of making incendiary remarks, it’s pretty clear what Waters was doing.

Yamiche Alcindor certainly knows what Maxine Waters was doing. That’s why she’s so willing to shamelessly spin on Waters’ behalf.



‘This is news, people’: PBS journo Yamiche Alcindor breathlessly reports Derek Chauvin’s defense team’s unprecedented legal maneuver

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