If media were trying to put hits out on Derek Chauvin trial jurors, what would they be doing differently?

We can’t help but ask ourselves that question.

Late last month, the New York Times set out to reveal what they’d been able to gather about the jurors:

Yesterday, CBS News decided that it’s in the public’s interest to know where one of the jurors lives:

And now, because this is apparently some sort of deranged contest, the Minneapolis Star Tribune is posting detailed bios (including jobs and domestic situations, but not names because they have to draw the line somewhere) of the trial jurors:

Speaking of bios, according to her Twitter bio, the Star Tribune’s Abby Simons is the public safety editor.

The irony should not be lost on anyone.

Collateral damage in the War for Justice. Right, Abby?

It’s straight-up dangerous. These jurors already had targets on their backs, and the Star Tribune is leading people right to the bullseyes.

You gonna do something about this, Twitter?

The Star Tribune’s piece doesn’t just violate Twitter’s terms of service; it violates journalistic ethics. It violates basic human decency.