Will Derek Chauvin be convicted of murdering George Floyd? That’s up to the trial jurors.

But maybe the New York Times can help nudge them in the right direction, or at least help others nudge them in the right direction:

The New York Times digs into the various jurors as deeply as one can dig into people whose faces you can’t see and whose names you don’t know:

And yet they remain invisible, unseen by all but the very few people allowed into the courtroom. Because of the many threats against people involved in the case and the potential for outside pressure, the 12 jury members and two alternates remain anonymous and their faces cannot be shown on camera.

During opening arguments on Monday, many of the jurors took notes, according to representatives of the news media who were allowed in the courtroom. During one replay of the video, a juror held her forehead, rubbing her face and eyes. All of the jury members are wearing face coverings because of coronavirus protocols, so parsing their reactions is even more difficult.

Thank goodness for small favors. What the hell, New York Times?

There appears to be no bottom in the media barrel.

In fact, the New York Times seems determined to prove him right.