Actress Jameela Jamil is best known around these parts for talking about how wonderful and empowering abortion is. But she’s also an outspoken advocate for trans rights.

Unfortunately, in Jameela’s case, supporting trans rights means being very, very wrong:

Jameela Jamil’s not a doctor, and hopefully she’ll never play one on TV. Because we’d hate to think that any gullible viewers might actually think she has the knowledge to make such mind-numbingly false medical statements as the one she made above.

Well, let’s just give them to all the kids then! Because what’s safer than messing with hormones and sexual development and growth in otherwise healthy children?

Good Lord.

Good. Don’t believe it. Because it’s garbage.

That’s maybe the nicest thing we can say about it.



Proud pro-abort feminist actress Jameela Jamil explains that when she tries to erase women, she’s ackshually just being ‘inclusive’