“60 Minutes” straight-up lied about Ron DeSantis.

They deserve to be raked over the coals for it.

But while that kind of crap may not fly with people who give a damn about the truth, it’s good enough for the Principled Conservatives at the Lincoln Project:

We assume they meant to say “not,” not “now.”

And, as it turns out, this is exactly how an innocent man responds to character assassination. Brett Kavanaugh’s critics went with the same framing when Kavanaugh responded angrily to being baselessly accused of rape and sexual predation. Ron DeSantis’ response is precisely the response you’d expect from a man being smeared by an ostensible journalist.

But since the Lincoln Project loves few things more than a good smear, we shouldn’t be surprised that they’d be all over this garbage.

Not surprising in the least.

And their only regret is that they got caught.

Stick to what you know, Lincoln Project, and leave the innocence stuff to the innocent.



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