Next time you see a CNN journalist walking around, be sure and congratulate them. For managing to not slip in a puddle of their own drool.

Because there is a lot — a lot — of drooling going on at CNN, particularly over Joe Biden’s administration:

Senior CNN Politics reporter Stephen Collinson writes:

For Biden, infrastructure is about far more than fixing America’s creaking and crumbling roads and bridges, airports and railroads that are often compared unfavorably to gleaming 21st century projects in developing countries like China. The program is the latest massively ambitious sign that he senses that fate, political circumstance and shifts in public opinion offer him a sudden but fleeting opening to accomplish his long-term political aim of improving the lives of American workers.

By what? Finding new ways to punish American workers?

There’s also been some buzz about Biden’s “infrastructure” plan possibly proposing eliminating right-to-work laws:

Well, that would certainly improve the lives of union bigwigs and Democratic politicians. Enrich them, even.

But we digress.

All you really need to know, according to Collinson, is that Joe Biden is going to not only clean up Donald Trump’s economic mess, but he’s going to Build Back Better — the Best, in fact:

In Trump’s White House, officials were repeatedly to reschedule “Infrastructure Week,” a scripted series of events meant to show a disruptive and obstreperous President could behave normally and get things done. Their plans always fell foul of Trump’s volcanic temperament and torrent of scandals.

Biden however showed in his news conference that he has a strong theory of why he was elected: to fix problems holding back working and middle class Americans.

While daunting political obstacles stand in his way, the centrality of the plan he unveils Wednesday to his personal and political philosophy will ensure his commitment to the issue long outlast Trump’s.

And now, if you’ll excuse Stephen and CNN, they need some cigarettes. Was that as good for you as it was for them?


Bless CNN’s heart. They seem to genuinely believe that calling tongue baths “analysis” will make people take them seriously.

It really is. But CNN doesn’t care. Clearly.