Who remembers this campaign promise from now-President Joe Biden?

We remember.

But in case you’d forgotten about it, Biden reiterated that promise in his recent interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos (the same interview in which he told Stephanopoulos that he had told Vladimir Putin he had no soul):

Not one single penny, OK? Not even a smidgen! And if you don’t believe him, you’re full of malarkey.

Unless, of course, you’re looking for a little … clarification:

More from the New York Post:

Psaki said at her daily press briefing that the proposed $400,000 threshold for tax increases applies to “families” rather than individuals.

The clarification significantly lowers the tax-hike threshold announced by Biden in an ABC News interview that aired Wednesday.

Biden’s interview statement appeared to indicate the cutoff would be $400,000 in individual income.

Guess that was just a speak-o.

Thanks for “clarifying” it all for us, Jen!


And if you think it’s gonna stop at people earning $200K, you’re an even bigger idiot. “Tax the rich” is never just taxing the rich.

You only got played if you ever believed Joe Biden in the first place. If you knew all along that he was never going to keep his promise, you got exactly what you were expecting.

It’s turning out to be a huge job. Better get a lotta people on it.