Pete Buttigieg’s title may be U.S. Secretary of Transportation, but as a member of President Joe Biden’s cabinet, he knows that his job is ultimately about one thing: filling up the federal government’s purse with more of Americans’ money.

That’s why he’s so excited about the prospect of a mileage-based tax for Americans who drive:

Of course it’s a bad idea. That’s why he loves it so much.

Taxes on people making well under $400,000 a year, we should add.

That’s been happening an awful lot lately.

Because it would.

Welp, sucks to be them!

We can only assume that politicians would be exempt from this tax, since they’re so much more important than the rest of us. Guess we’ll only find out if Democrats are stupid enough to get behind such a garbage idea.

If they’re not abject morons, they’ll make like Kyrsten Sinema:

That’s certainly where we’re at on this particular policy proposal.

That’s good advice. Wonder if he’ll drive.