Clever folks like those at the Lincoln Project are high-fiving each other over CPAC’s hypocrisy in bemoaning cancel culture while disinviting Young Pharaoh over vile remarks about Jews.

Never mind that this actually makes for a lousy example of hypocrisy.

Cancel culture is a serious problem, and those who make light of it or sneer at people who point out that it’s a serious problem are the same people who think that what Slate has just done to podcaster Mike Cesca is OK and shouldn’t be cause for concern:

Pesca has been suspended indefinitely without pay.

“Following internal discussion about use of racial slur.” Not “following racist tirade.” Not “following harassment of minority colleagues.”

Following a discussion.

More from Defector:

More generally, Slate staffers spoke to Defector about what they deemed to be a cultural problem that allowed Pesca to feel empowered enough to say these things in the first place. Some pointed out that when a black producer was hired to work with Pesca on The Gist, she left the company after three months. Others referenced times Pesca had made flippant comments about non-binary pronouns.

“Mike Pesca is really the only one causing these kinds of conflicts,” a staffer told me. “We have other staffers who hold opinions that are unpopular at Slate, but they are not provoking their colleagues in a harassment-worthy way.”

In response to questions about Pesca’s suspension, Katie Rayford, Slate’s director of media relations, said, “While we cannot discuss specific personnel matters, we are committed to fostering a safe, inclusive and respectful environment for all employees. And we can only do our best work when all employees feel heard, respected and motivated to do their jobs.” But Slate employees told me they weren’t just worried about Pesca. They were worried about the culture that allowed him to feel bold enough to say these things.

We recommend reading the whole thing, if only so you can get a better sense of how insane Slate is.

It’s embarrassing. And stupid. And straight-up nuts.

What a dumb time to be alive.

We’d say shame on Slate, but they’re clearly not capable of shame.