If you’re keeping score at home, the latest Science™ is that even after receiving both doses of the COVID19 vaccine, you shouldn’t expect to stop having to wear a mask. You shouldn’t expect to be able to return to any sense of normalcy, basically.

Because it’s just too risky, you know? They have to keep shifting the goalposts to protect us. It’s for our own good.

Or maybe that’s not what it’s really about anymore.

There’s nothing wrong with carefully assessing risks when it comes to matters of public health and safety. Obviously it’s beneficial to the public to behave responsibly, but when the costs start to outweigh the benefits, it’s time to do some serious reassessment.

Mary Katharine Ham understands that there’s a lot more than just “risk” to consider when it comes to how people live their lives.

Ham has very personal experience with risk assessment:

Ham’s approach to recovering and learning from adversity is the correct one. And would certainly go a long way toward reassuring a skeptical public that it can and will get better.