Yesterday, Axios tweeted about an interview between reporter Mike Allen and Vice President Kamala Harris, in which Harris claimed — falsely — that the Biden administration had to start “from scratch” when it came to a national COVID19 strategy:

Hey … what happened to your tweet, Axios? Where’d it go?

Oh well. Not like it’s a big deal. They still have these up:

And those are pretty much basically exactly what the deleted tweet said. Except, of course, for that the bit about Anthony Fauci having already debunked that bogus claim. Axios didn’t feel like people needed to be reminded of that, apparently.

True story. And you can’t have people thinking that Kamala Harris is lying to them, despite her proven track record as a politician who will lie to people.

It may not make you any less of an embarrassment, but it definitely gives people good reason to question the media’s objectivity.



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