We can only hope that Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown was able to sleep last night after what he witnessed in the Senate chamber:

It’s definitely not political. Except for the fact that it’s purely political.

Because Rand Paul was diagnosed with COVID19 in March of 2020. He recovered and tested negative a few weeks later.

Brown either doesn’t remember this, or, more likely, he is well aware that Paul is unlikely to spread COVID19 to anyone at this point and is counting on his followers’ memories not to go back far enough.

He seems to have calculated correctly:

That’s nice, isn’t it?

Anyway, it’s always amusing to hear from a member of the Party of Science™ who doesn’t actually understand science.

A portion of Sen. Paul’s lung was removed following the 2017 violent assault by him on a neighbor. Yes, the same assault that tolerant libs love to laugh and fantasize about to this day.

Also, did we mention that Rand Paul already had COVID19?

Party. Of. Science.