With Donald Trump out of the White House, CNN star fact-checker Daniel Dale needs to occupy his time by shifting his focus toward congressional Republicans.

Congressional Republicans like Nancy Mace, who didn’t just roll over and let AOC slime her:

Well, Daniel’s not about to let Mace get away with fact-checking AOC. Not as long as he’s the ultimate fact-checking authority:

OK, Daniel. Show us where Mace lied.

No she did not.

Since Daniel Dale evidently doesn’t look at facts before doing fact-checks, here’s a reminder of what Nancy Mace said:

And here’s the tweet Dale is labeling as a “false ‘FACT CHECK'”:

Mace’s initial beef was with the media’s coverage of AOC’s account, not with AOC herself. But AOC, who never leaves home without her victim card, has nevertheless tried to paint Mace’s criticism as a personal attack not just on her, but on all survivors of violence and assault.

And Dale is only too eager to assist AOC in her efforts.

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