As Twitchy told you, AOC has been on an intellectually dishonest tear against GOP Rep. Nancy Mace, because Mace had the temerity to call out the media for using AOC’s personal account of the Capitol riots to “fan fictitious news flames.” Mace also pointed out that there were no rioters in the Cannon Building, where her and AOC’s offices are.

Among AOC’s criticisms of Mace is that Mace is effectively scaring survivors of violence into silence:

Nancy Mace never discounted AOC’s fear. She merely pointed out the holes in AOC’s account. Nothing she has said has merited the nastiness that AOC has been sending her way.

So Mace is understandably fed up with AOC right now:

In case AOC missed it, here’s the story Nancy Mace is referring to:

You’re doing great, AOC.


She should’ve taken it a long time ago. But she’s in too deep now.