Trans activist and professional doxxer/pronoun enforcer Emily Gorcenski is absolutely furious at Andy Ngo:

Emily is a trans woman and Ngo criticizes her thuggish methods apparently while referring to her by her given name, ergo, Ngo is a transphobe.

No, Jim. She’s not OK. She doesn’t need your sarcasm. She needs support.

Fortunately, she’s getting it from NBC News reporter Brandy Zadrozny:

“Tracks terrorists” i.e. doxxes people she doesn’t like.

We need Real Journalists™ like Brandy Zadrozny to call out “transphobia” in order to deflect from actual terrorism because … well, Brandy doesn’t really give a good reason.

Jim’s right, Brandy. You need to calm down.

Brandy defends people who enable Antifa terrorists. Andy Ngo doesn’t. Seems pretty straightforward.

Maybe, Brandy, take a long enough break from trying to discredit Andy Ngo by calling him a transphobe to understand that he’s not the “boogeyman” here.

Couldn’t’ve said it better ourselves.