If you’re not familiar with Zuby, he’s a rapper, speaker, and public figure with a conservative bent. That last one is a big strike against him, because he doesn’t make any effort to bury it on Twitter. He regularly takes an intellectual sledgehammer to the Wokeness Brigade.

And now, he’s paying for his insolence, via a Twitter suspension:

So, if we’re understanding this correctly, Zuby’s egregious offense is addressing someone who goes by “Pronoun Enforcer” as “dude”?

First of all, on just a basic level, “dude” isn’t offensive:

Seriously. Girls and women use “dude” all the time.

But even stupider than the idea that “dude” is offensive is the idea that addressing someone by the “wrong” pronoun constitutes “hateful conduct.”

LOL, dudes guys people.

The Wokeness Brigade definitely gets off on the power trip. The only comfort comes in knowing that in all likelihood, their own weapons will be turned on them at some point and they’ll have to reap what they’ve sown.

Until then, though, we’re stuck trying to navigate a world in which the Woke want to run the show.