If you’ve had trouble making heads or tails of the whole Reddit-GameStop trading boom thing, it’s OK.

All you really need to know is that it’s Donald Trump’s fault:

Ah, Chris Cillizza. You never disappoint, do you?

Let’s hear the explanation for this one:

What’s the end game for the GameStop surgers? Like, now that they have proven the point that they can take a stock that the pros have declared moribund and revive it — at least for a moment — what do they do now? Because they don’t really believe that GameStop is suddenly the new Amazon or Apple or Google. It’s still mostly a business that derives its value from brick and mortar stores in malls. Which, again, is not exactly a big growth area in the coming years.

The point is that there is no real point beyond showing up the pros — proving to them that they aren’t as smart as they think they are and that they don’t have the ability to control everything.

Which, again, has its roots in Trumpism. The entire notion of Trump’s candidacy and presidency was to stick it to the elites. And then, well, uh, there wasn’t really a plan beyond that. The screwjob was the point. (Montreal screwjob reference!)

Speaking of screwjobs, how ’bout that Chris Cillizza, huh?


Hey, man. Chris is just a journalist. You can’t expect him to know that!

They really do. Nice work if you can get it.

Maybe you could get a job making solar panels.

We’re not sure how this Reddit/GameStop stuff is gonna play out, but we can at least be certain that Chris Cillizza is going to keep finding ways to make an ass of himself.

And we’re here for every single one.