NASDAQ CEO Adena Friedman responded to the Reddit-GameStop trading boom (explanation at the end of this post if you’re new to what’s going on with this story) this morning on CNBC, saying regulators need “to understand that manipulation is manipulation whether it’s happening through a new technology medium or it’s happening through traditional mail”:

And she wants retail investors to focus on a company’s fundamentals instead of getting tips from message boards and such:

Oh, sorry. Do you need a tissue?

Because we’re having a hard time right now cheering against what Reddit did to these hedge funds:

And it really isn’t a good look when CNBC and the regulators are more concerned with protecting hedge funds from the mob instead of protecting everyone else from what hedge funds have been able to do in the past:

These hedge funds are just pissed that the Reddit masses beat them at their own game:

And the one thing you always hear about shorting a stock is that the exposure is potentially unlimited. They took the risk with GameStop and got burned — “That’s the game”:

Maybe these funds should ask themselves why people are so angry?

Editor’s note: Background on what’s going on with Reddit and the stock market here: