It’s climate day at the White House! And naturally, White House Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry is participating.

After all, when it comes to warning about the dangers of climate change from air-conditioned non-biodegradable ivory towers, few do it better than John Kerry.

Today is no exception:

“Other market forces.”

Why would the media call him out when so many of them agree with Kerry that blue-collar Americans are too stupid to realize that killing their jobs is ackshually good for them?

Seriously, that’s what John Kerry believes:


Where to begin? Well, how about here?


If only that were the dumbest aspect of what he said. Alas, John Kerry is like an onion of stupidity and tone-deafness and all-around awfulness. There’s always another layer.

He’s just straight-up admitting that the Biden administration doesn’t give a damn about the hardworking people in the energy industry who keep this country running. He may as well have said “learn to code.”

Oil and gas workers are gonna lose their jobs and they’re gonna like it, dammit. John Kerry says so!

Oh, believe it. Because we’ve seen this movie before.

They can’t say we didn’t warn them.