C-SPAN’s Steve Scully may have accidentally publicly reached out to Anthony Scaramucci for advice despite being scheduled to moderate the second presidential debate and then tried to bury any evidence of that, but did you know he’s actually a really great guy and consummate professional once you get to know him?


Yeah, who are we going to believe? Surely the media are more trustworthy than our own lying eyes.

Hey, he was hacked, remember? That’s the Commission on Presidential Debates’ story, that’s C-SPAN’s story, and it’s good enough for Anthony Scaramucci himself:

So leave Steve Scully alone! The Guardians of Truth command you!

Last time? So this has happened before, then?


Man, his hackers are almost as bad as Joy Reid’s!

Editor’s note: The headline of this post has been amended to reflect that Steve Scully has claimed he was “hacked” before. We’ve also added additional text and tweets to this post.