Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi attempted to justify her very special visit to a San Francisco beauty salon by claiming that, while she took responsibility, the whole thing was “a setup” from the get-go:

We wouldn’t blame you in the least if you thought she’d reached the limits of shamelessness. But, as it turns out, there was still plenty more where that came from. Actually, it runs in the family!

Her daughter, Christine Pelosi, everybody:

Talk about missing the point.

But we’ll get back to that in a minute. First:

It’s the media’s fault that Nancy Pelosi got caught violating rules that she’s demanded everyone else abide by! And the salon owner’s, of course.

Pure trash.

Moreover, what point are Mama and Daughter Pelosi trying to prove here? That Kious allegedly violating guidelines makes it all right for Nancy Pelosi — a United States Congresswoman — to violate guidelines that her own constituents are told they must follow?

The owner’s reportedly received death threats, by the way. Just saying.

Hey, Pelosi gals, this isn’t the slam-dunk you think it is.

Tragic, yes. Surprising? No. Especially given that the Pelosi family is involved.

They ought to. But they won’t. What’s the point of being ashamed when they know they’ll ultimately get away with it?



NBC/MSNBC senior media reporter runs interference for Nancy Pelosi after her salon trip makes CNN