We admitted ourselves when we posted Tuesday about Speaker Nancy Pelosi breaking coronavirus lockdown rules and visiting a shuttered salon to have her hair done that it was kind of petty. But nothing could be pettier than Pelosi’s response to the story Wednesday: “I take responsibility … for falling for a setup,” she told reporters, suggesting that the salon owner should apologize to her.

As Twitchy has reported, Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler has done his part to help Pelosi out of her embarrassing jam by pivoting to the president, saying that Pelosi’s response was “straight out of the Trump playbook.” So Pelosi’s just as bad as the press has been trying to convince us President Trump is? That’s not much help to Pelosi.

The thing is, the story has caught on, mainly because of the double-standard, especially when so many people, including hairstylists, are out of work due to lockdown rules. Stepping in to put things into perspective, though, is NBC/MNSBC senior media reporter Dylan Byers, who decided to pivot to the COVID-19 pandemic and unspecified threats from foreign adversaries:

It’s a powerful Democrat showing that there are rules for them and rules for the rest of us.

Well said.

It’s just like the CNN correspondent in Portland who contradicted stories of rioting by posting a photo of an empty park where he was enjoying his breakfast burrito. The rioting downtown and outside the mayor’s apartment building didn’t affect him personally, so, everything’s fine.

How many scoops of ice cream he gets, how much Diet Coke he drinks, etc.

Maybe there are very good reasons this story is resonating with the public, no matter how badly the mainstream media would like to ignore it and move on.