Remember “Grandma killer” Bethany Mandel’s thread last week in which she had the gall to question whether the rewards of the COVID19 lockdowns were really worth all the risks? She took a lot of heat from the liberal Smarter-Than-You crowd for that.

But what a difference a week makes. See, now that journalists — America’s real heroes — have begun to feel the sting of the lockdowns, all of a sudden, we’re facing a real crisis.

We don’t rejoice in people losing their jobs, but it’s incredibly frustrating to watch people who’ve spent weeks sneering at struggling Americans upset about their livelihoods being threatened or taken away only show concern now that their own jobs are at stake.

Mandel’s got some thoughts on that, too, and we think she’s got a right to have them — and share them:

She’s not wrong.

And by the way:

Not from the media, anyway.

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