Look, we don’t like it when anyone — well, almost anyone — loses their job. But while journalists with job security keep trying to depict lockdown protesters as Grandma killers and not people who have lost their livelihood and are hitting food banks for the first time while just wanting to return to work, it’s with a mixed sympathy that we hear about journalism jobs disappearing during the recession.

The BuzzFeed News Union announced in a thread earlier this week that losing a job in journalism now could end a reporter’s career.

BuzzFeed News senior reporter Venessa Wong echoed that sentiment.

We’re doing our best to feel sympathetic, but it’s tough when it seems like journalists, who should know better than anyone, don’t realize that a lot of people’s jobs and small businesses aren’t coming back, especially as the coronavirus lockdown keeps getting extended in some states. Are we supposed to feel especially bad for journalists? Moreso than coal miners? Maybe they can learn to c**e too?

We’re certain we’d feel more empathy is journalists hadn’t expected to have been treated as a special protected class for so many years.