As Twitchy told you earlier, Brian Stelter’s CNN co-hall monitor Oliver Darcy got all righteously indignant over Fox News’ Bret Baier allowing Mollie Hemingway to appear on an opinion panel on yesterday’s “Special Report”:

We’re not sure how Darcy managed to tweet that with a straight face given who CNN has tapped as an expert for their upcoming “Coronavirus: Facts and Fears” town hall: Greta Thunberg.

Actually, maybe he was able to type it with a straight face because he’s actually managed to convince himself that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with holding Greta Thunberg up as an expert on anything:

Well, for starters, Oliver, you appear to be missing that little voice in your head that’s screaming “THIS IS WHY NO ONE TAKES YOU SERIOUSLY!” at you.

A whole lot.

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