As Twitchy told you earlier, Bernie Sanders has caved to the same Democratic establishment that kept him down and officially endorsed Joe Biden for president.

Naturally, even Bernie’s most ardent supporters are struggling to process this shocking(ly predictable) development. Shaun King, for example, is utterly beside himself.

But while it’s one thing for a Bernie Sanders surrogate to be upset, it’s another thing for a member of his staff to confront what’s happened.

His campaign’s former national press secretary Briahna Joy Gray just can’t get on the Biden Train with Bernie:

You hate to see it.

So awkward.

Bernie Sanders’ supporters are gluttons for punishment. In so many ways.

But maybe all is not lost for Joe Biden … there might be a way yet for him to win the hearts and minds of the Bernie Bros:

You do that, Briahna. You go and do that.

Just one question: Will that wash away the allegations of sexual assault you boasted of knowing about and refused to bring up?