CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewed Vice President Mike Pence earlier today about America’s COVID19 response. In the interview, Pence suggested our response could have been better if the Chinese government had been more honest about their COVID19 situation:

Well, CNN political analyst Nathan Gonzalez saw right through Pence. He knows what’s really going on here:

Wow, Nathan. You nailed it!

Never fails.

That’s just it: Nathan and his fellow Guardians of Truth will not sit idly by and let their preferred narrative be inconvenienced.

Hey, if that’s the angle firefighters wanna go with … who are we to stand in their way?

Nathan left off (3): The media were willing and eager cogs in the ChiCom propaganda machine.


Of course he is.

Mustn’t bite the hand that feeds you — even if it’s feeding you poison.



Drew Holden’s got a pretty good idea why ChiComs are using American media for COVID19 propaganda and he lays it out in brutal thread [screenshots]

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