Grab your shocked faces, because you’re gonna need ’em.

Turns out CNN hall monitor Brian Stelter is very concerned about “the politicization” of the COVID19 crisis. And you’ll never guess who’s responsible.

Except you totally will:

This take is so hot, it could only come from Brian Stelter (or Oliver Darcy).

Brian Stelter has effectively dedicated his working life to complaining about Donald Trump and Fox News, and now suddenly he’s pissed that Trump is blowing off CNN for Fox News?

Seriously. Media outlets like MSNBC and NPR are refusing to properly air Donald Trump’s COVID19 press briefings because they want to be filters through which the American public gets our information.

The idea of Brian Stelter being outraged that Trump doesn’t want to indulge CNN’s constant campaign to undermine his every move is just ridiculous. But typical of Brian Stelter.

Until next time, Brian.

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