Yesterday, rapper Zuby was sent to “Twitter jail” after blue-check Emily Gorcenski, a self-appointed “Pronoun Enforcer,” tattled on him for using “dude” in a tweet at her:

Thanks to Gorcenski’s efforts, she scored a plum spot on Washington Examiner writer Siraj Hashmi’s daily list of people who need their phone taken away:

Well, wouldn’t you know it? Gorcenski’s offended over her appearance on Hashmi’s tongue-in-cheek list:

Uh-oh, Emily …


Poor Emily.

Emily’s been put on a silly list. Meanwhile, she’s made it her job to get people suspended from Twitter for using pronouns she doesn’t like. Who’s the real silencer of free speech here, Emily?


Think Emily’s little tantrum will land her on Hashmi’s list for today? She certainly deserves it.



‘Can’t keep a good man down!’ Rapper Zuby free from ‘Twitter jail’ after being snitched on by Pronoun Police, and he’s got a message