Earlier today, NBC News “confirmed” that Donald Trump ditched acting DNI Joseph Maguire out of anger that lawmakers would find out that Russia has been trying to interfere in the 2020 election:

CBS News’ Catherine Herridge’s own reporting disputes that, or at least calls it into question. But Hillary Clinton’s not one to get a good “Russia!” narrative go to waste. She’s all over this thing:

We can’t let it happen. Not again.

“Putin’s Puppet.” That’s cute, Hillary! Also very stunning and brave of you to take such a hard line against Russia. The Obama administration’s legacy lives on in your bravery!

Ah, well, what matters is that Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. Seriously, that’s all this is about. Seth Abramson is all worried about Donald Trump not conceding if he loses this year’s election and bristles at the very idea that Hillary still hasn’t conceded. It seems pretty fair to say that Hillary Clinton has not conceded. At least not in her mind.

Hey, Twitter, better come get your gal before she harmfully misleads anyone else.

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