Former Obama senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer is pretty disgusted with the state of our media today, but not because of their shameless left-wing bias. No, Dan’s sick and tired of the media not having the courage to fact-check Donald Trump in real time:

Yeah, if only networks like CNN had the courage to put up snarky chyrons to reflexively discredit everything Donald Trump says. Oh, wait.

The irony meter cannot be repaired. Apparently was sleepwalking through all eight years of the Obama administration. Barack Obama spent both of his terms lying through his teeth to the American public, and to this day, he still really hasn’t been held to account by the mainstream media.

And that stuff’s only scratching the surface of Barack Obama’s media-aided disinformation campaign.



Obama bro Dan Pfeiffer thinks people upset at Trump getting booed have misplaced priorities, but @redsteeze has a reminder for him