As Twitchy told you yesterday, celebrated author J.K. Rowling came under fire from the Outrage Brigade for daring to defend a fellow author’s contention that men and women are biologically different, pointing out that “sex is real”:

What you may not have realized is that reliably liberal actor Mark Hamill liked Rowling’s tweet. Well, it’s one thing for the creator of “Harry Potter” to be “transphobic,” but Luke Skywalker? That’s a crime of intergalactic proportions. Which is why he had to be made to pay dearly:

Pathetic, this is:

Here’s a thought, Mark: You “didn’t realize it had any transphobic connotation” because it doesn’t have any transphobic connotation. Maya Forstater’s tweets weren’t transphobic, J.K. Rowling’s tweet wasn’t transphobic, and pointing out that men and women are different is not transphobic.

On the other hand:

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