Admit it: You’ve all been waiting with bated breath for Vox to weigh in on J.K. Rowling’s highly problematic tweet stating that — gasp! — “[biological] sex is real.”

The Outrage Brigade’s reaction has been pretty spectacular, of course, but we’re pleased to inform you that Vox didn’t disappoint, either:

Vox’s Aja Romano writes:

In context, however, Rowling’s tweet reveals itself as a shocking dismissal of transgender identity: its first three lines seem to directly attack trans identity, while its final line mischaracterizes the facts surrounding a court case that involves significant transphobia.

As a longtime Harry Potter fan, someone who’s stuck with the fandom through countless moments of drama and real abuse and toxicity, I deeply relate to Travis McElroy’s wish in the thread above to be able to magically un-sully this thing that I love by somehow divorcing Harry Potter itself from the now-tainted voice of its author. But barring that, perhaps the best thing we can do is turn the saga of Harry Potter itself into a giant, ironic, cautionary tale: Never tweet.

Here’s some news for Vox: Pointing out that men and women are biologically distinct is not transphobia. Maya Forstater’s tweets were not transphobic. And J.K. Rowling’s tweet wasn’t, either.

Yeah, but then Vox’s whole article would’ve been a waste of time. Oh.

Vox is nothing if not predictable.

Well, maybe these two articles:



But really. This is nuts. So damn stupid.

Yes. Yes they did.