Fox News has decided on Bill Hemmer to anchor Shepard Smith’s vacated time slot.

And if Oliver Darcy’s trying to crap all over it:

You can be sure that his fellow CNN hall monitor and Fox News obsessive Brian Stelter is on it, too:

“Our” being Stelter and Darcy’s. Because of course they had to team up for this.

Yeah, the details basically boil down to “Bill Hemmer isn’t nearly as objective and professional as we at CNN are”:

Hemmer isn’t known for aggressively fact-checking political falsehoods or challenging President Trump’s misinformation the way that Smith did.

Smith’s style was to cut through confusion by presenting detailed facts and figures, particularly in response to Trump’s deceit. This made him a heroic figure to some journalists. But this also alienated Smith from much of the Fox base.

Hemmer is significantly less confrontational. As co-anchor of the late morning program “America’s Newsroom,” Hemmer has allowed guests to advance misleading talking points without much of a challenge.

There are some examples of Hemmer providing pushback to White House aides and other guests. But his general approach is to ask questions and accept the response he receives — even if it’s a deceptive or inaccurate response.

Stelter and Darcy don’t really offer any examples to show that Hemmer accepts deceptive or inaccurate responses. Maybe because that would invite people to bring up examples of CNN anchors accepting deceptive or inaccurate responses. Or examples of CNN hiring contributors known for deception and inaccuracy.

In any case, Stelter and Darcy’s obsession with Fox News appears to have become full-fledged mania.

Because more people watch Fox News than watch CNN?

We get that CNN is jealous, but they’ve really got to find a subtler way of dealing with it.