Earlier today, Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff repeatedly prevented GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik from questioning former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Elise Stefanik. Many on the Right pointed to that as evidence of Schiff’s grandstanding and attempts to silence Republicans whose lines of questioning could undermine pro-impeachment arguments, though in fairness, Schiff was acting in accordance with House rules, and Stefanik ultimately had her moment in the spotlight.

Well anyway, if the Schiff-Stefanik exchange was designed to capture the Right’s attention, it worked:

But the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake doesn’t appreciate the incomplete narrative that’s being put out there:

OK, Aaron, but …

It’s not just Aaron Blake and the Washington Post who appear to be suffering from selective amnesia. Check out Brian Stelter and CNN:

What’s the problem, Brian?

Oh, it’d be nonstop shrieking and rending of garments.

Yeah, we won’t hold our breath.