In case there was ever any doubt that these impeachment proceedings are a circus, check out what’s been happening with Adam Schiff and Elise Stefanik:


Well, we have no doubt that he’s not interested in what Stefanik has to say. But is this a case of him trying to intimidate someone?

It’s certainly a powerful visual. And honestly, Schiff is the kind of guy who would relish the opportunity to make a show out of righteously standing up for truth, justice, and the American way by making it clear to a GOP colleague that her input isn’t appreciated at this time.

Fortunately, barring some other goofy stunt, Stefanik should have the chance to speak later:

So that’s something.

Meanwhile, all the members of the Adam Schiff Fan Club cheering him for sticking to the rules and shutting down Stefanik’s attempts to ask questions would totally feel the same way if, say, Devin Nunes told AOC to wait her turn, right?

Seriously. There are double standards at play on both sides. Because this whole thing is a circus.

In any event, no matter what happens in these hearings, this will always apply:

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet featuring video, and the headline of this post has been updated to reflect the addition of video.