While most of us were asleep, the Israeli Defense Forces targeted and killed a senior leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad in a “precision strike”:

Islamic Jihad has retaliated by firing rockets at Israeli civilians:

The IDF is defending Israel against terrorist attacks that are targeting Israeli civilians, notably avoiding harming civilians in Gaza. And according to Code Pink national co-director Ariel Elyse Gold, that constitutes a “military assault on Gaza”:

We understand that there’s a character limit on Twitter, but we’re pretty sure Gold still had enough room to explain that Israel’s “military assault on Gaza” is their defending civilians from rocket attacks launched by terrorists. Notably, Amnesty International seems to have the same problem:

We have no doubt that Gold (and Amnesty International) is champing at the bit at the prospect of Hamas joining Islamic Jihad in trying to murder Israeli civilians.

That should be clear to anyone by now. Code Pink’s stated mission includes supporting “peace and human rights initiatives,” but according to Gold and her fellow terrorist apologists, Jews deserve neither peace nor human rights.



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