James O’Keefe and Project Veritas’ bombshell video of ABC News’ Amy Robach complaining that her network buried her major story on Jeffrey Epstein has been met with near-universal silence from TV media firefighters. That’s not quite true of other media outlets, however. As Twitchy told you earlier, AOC retweeted the Daily Beast‘s article about the coverup. And Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple has written about it as well (though it’s been confined to WaPo’s opinions section):

Wemple concludes:

Which Amy Robach do you believe: The one chatting candidly in her studio, believing that she’s just exchanging gossip with colleagues? Or the one who comes to you through a prepared statement distributed by ABC News?

In her 2014 book “Stonewalled,” former CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson inveighed against the mentality that might account for both NBC’s and ABC’s whiffs: “Many story topics are selected by managers who are producing out of fear and trying to play it safe,” she wrote. “Playing it safe means airing stories that certain other trusted media have reported first, so there’s no perceived ‘risk’ to us if we report them, too.”

In today’s age of utter media-on-media scrutiny, however, sitting on sensitive stories carries its own, peculiar risk.

ABC News blew it big-time, first by choosing to bury Robach’s story and then by trying to cover up their coverup. They deserve to be blistered over it. Good on Wemple for calling them out.