As Twitchy told you yesterday, Politico’s Michael Calderone reported that smear merchant Robin Pogrebin was behind this now-deleted tweet about Brett Kavanaugh from the New York Times:

Earlier today, CNN’s Alison Camerota asked Pogrebin about the tweet, and Pogrebin debuted an impressive tap-dancing routine to avoid explicitly taking responsibility:


Amazing. But the truth was bound to catch up with her, and later on “The View,” Pogrebin copped to having written the tweet:

But she still tried to shift the blame onto the people who got upset about the tweet. More from Mediaite:

As it turns out, author Robin Pogrebin revealed that she wrote the bad tweet, and the reaction was the opposite which was intended.

[Pogrebin] explained that “It was a misworded tweet, but what happens at the Times is the reporters are asked to draft Tweets and we’re also asked to draft headlines. They don’t always get used, sent out, they often don’t.”

She then owned up to authoring the tweet saying, “I drafted this with this in mind to have actually the opposite effect, which is to anticipate those who would say, ‘A guy pulling down his pants at a party when they’re drunk is on the spectrum of sexual misconduct. It’s not sexual assault. It’s not rape. What’s the big deal?’”

Later she explained the empathy driving the deleted tweet saying “Having that happen and to have people laugh at her and target her was actually hugely meaningful and made an impact on her life for the rest of her life. So for those who minimize it and dismiss it, I was trying to help them understand that. It had the opposite effect and seemed to undermine her.”

Oh, please. She wasn’t trying to help anyone but herself and Kate Kelly sell their garbage new book.



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