As Twitchy told you yesterday, the Department of Labor has reinstated Leif Olson, who was unfairly — not to mention unethically — smeared as anti-Semitic by Bloomberg’s Ben Penn. Inquiring minds wanted to know: after Bloomberg had stated earlier that they “stand behind” Penn’s hit job because Olson had resigned after Penn’s piece was published, how would they react upon learning that Olson had been reinstated?

Well, now we know. And, as expected, it’s crap.

They’ve amended their headline to remove the characterization of Olson’s Facebook posts as anti-Semitic. Initially, the headline read “Trump Labor Aide Quits After Anti-Semitic Facebook Posts Surface.”

Here’s what it says now:

Thing is, the headline still sucks:

Exactly. And this is still at the top of the post:

The “reference” was an obviously sarcastic dig at the anti-Semitic Alt-Right. Bloomberg Law doesn’t seem to want to draw much attention to that — or to the correction itself. As far as we can tell, Bloomberg Law’s most recent tweet about the Olson story was this:

They also retweeted this:

Both of those tweets are pimping the original, dishonest story. It seems pretty safe to say that Bloomberg isn’t actually interested in telling the truth.

Bloomberg should retract the article and issue an unequivocal apology to Olson. And, if they really wanted to rectify this, they’d make Penn face consequences for his journalistic malpractice. Speaking of Penn … what’s he up to?

He should definitely learn to code. Hell, Bloomberg should be learning to code right now.

Yep. It was purely political from the start.



Well, well, well … this is interesting:

So, Bloomberg’s strategy really is just trying to sweep the whole thing under the rug. So journalism. Much integrity.

Guess you have to laugh so you don’t scream.