Steven Crowder’s among the many people who’ve been giving Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib a hard time over her being an anti-Semite and all-around garbage person.

And go figure. The same woman who’s at ease hanging out with terrorist sympathizers and propagators of the blood libel apparently can’t take the heat that comes with Crowder telling her not to be an anti-Semite:

Courts have indeed ruled that public officials like Rashida Tlaib can’t block users. From the article Crowder cites, which was written in September 2018:

In May, a judge ruled that President Trump could not block people from following him on Twitter. It was the most prominent in a series of rulings finding that access to public figures on social media is a constitutional right. “The suppression of critical commentary regarding elected officials is the quintessential form of viewpoint discrimination against which the First Amendment guards,” Judge James Cacheris wrote in a case involving a supervisor in Fairfax County, Va.

And then of course just this past July, three judges on the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled unanimously that Donald Trump — and, therefore, by extension, other public officials — is not allowed to block users from seeing his tweets because it would violate the First Amendment. It was a stupid ruling, but a ruling nonetheless. And in blocking Crowder, Tlaib appears to be violating that ruling.


We wouldn’t put it past her. Still doesn’t change the fact that Rashida Tlaib’s a hypocrite (and an anti-Semite and all-around garbage person).