This past Wednesday, 18-year-old Dvir Sorek was murdered by Palestinian terrorists outside a settlement in the West Bank, stabbed from behind. Sorek had been set to begin serving in the IDF.

While decent people have been mourning the death of an innocent young man, others have been rejoicing:

Hope they saved some for the folks at far-leftist anti-Semitic org IfNotNow, who took the opportunity to blame the Israeli government for forcing the poor terrorists to stab Sorek to death:

IfNotNow is so hellbent on Israel’s destruction that they’re openly urging sympathy for terrorists who murdered a man whose only crime was living his life.

If AOC is serious about refuting charges that she’s anti-Semitic, maybe she should reconsider her cozy relationship with the “amazing” young people at IfNotNow. If not now, when?



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