Hey, you know what should really help AOC shed that “anti-Semite” label? Besides trivializing the Holocaust and agreeing that the Israeli government is “criminal” and giving Palestinians “no choice but to riot,” we mean.

How about promoting notoriously anti-Semitic groups? Let’s start with J Street, who took the opportunity to laud AOC for her recent anti-Israel radio interview:

She’s so grateful for their support:

Isn’t it difficult to advance peace and justice when you’re using the very loaded term “occupation”? And making excuses for people attacking Israel?

But we digress.

J Street is not interested in coming together with Zionist Jews or their supporters. They don’t want to advance peace and justice so much as traffic in anti-Semitism and sow seeds of discord with regard to Israel.

As if that weren’t enough, AOC’s also promoting IfNotNow:

If anyone’s weaponizing anti-Semitism, it’s AOC and groups like IfNotNow. If you’re not familiar with IfNotNow, you should be. They’re a rabidly anti-Semitic group with strong ties to other rabidly anti-Semitic groups.

AOC’s cozy relationship with groups like J Street and IfNotNow should raise the red flags even higher.