It’s not pathetic and stupid enough that Snopes is gunning for the Babylon Bee; BuzzFeed evidently feels compelled to pitch in on the smear campaign:

A conspiracy, eh?

We can’t wait to see the evidence. But it looks like we’ll have to. Because there isn’t any:

No, it doesn’t. But it does lump Ben Shapiro in with the “far right”:

Is Ben Shapiro wrong in saying that Snopes has a left-wing agenda? Because they’ve made it pretty clear that they have a left-wing agenda.

And speaking of the “far right,” BuzzFeed’s Ryan Broderick, who wrote the piece, seems to think only the far right cares about Babylon Bee founder Adam Ford’s pushback against Snopes. Broderick writes:

The controversy caught the eye of the far right after the Babylon Bee’s founder, Adam Ford, posted a Twitter thread, tweeting, “We ‘published a fictionalized version of the story’? That’s certainly an interesting way of saying we satirized an absurd real-life event. You know, that thing that all satirical outlets do.”

Snopes subsequently updated its story, apologizing for any wording that might have seemed to imply the Babylon Bee was actively trying to deceive readers. But by the beginning of this week, trolls were actively peddling a conspiracy theory claiming Snopes is trying to de-platform the Babylon Bee by getting Facebook to flag its stories as fake news.

Again, which trolls?

Most definitely. And, like Snopes, BuzzFeed doesn’t even try to debunk Erica Thomas’ hoax. The best Broderick can do is acknowledge that “Thomas’s account of the matter has been disputed.” And that she’s become “a popular target for right-wing media,” of course.